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  1. To join the scheme the member should be domiciled in republic of South Africa and SADC countries namely Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
  2. Membership can only commence on the 1st of the month after receipt of application form and the 1st
  3. Expect your policy documents within 5 working days of registration and if you did not receive then, please contact us to make alternative plans.
  4. The insured lives will be limited to those declared on the application form.
  5. The main member and the spouse must be between 18 and 65 years of age to join the scheme.
  6. The main member can only cover spouse and 5(five) children and 6(six) extended family members.
  7. Maximum age entry for extended family member is 85.
  8. Cover will be provided for a maximum of 5 children at the stated premium. Where a member has more than 5(five) children, the main member has to pay additional premium as per quoted rand amount per child per month.
  9. Should a child be born to the principal member, the principal member has 90 days to update his application/nomination form. If the documentation is not updated the child will not be covered for benefits.
  10. Cover will be provided for one spouse. Cover for additional spouse(s) may be available subject to payment of an additional premium and specific approval from Asante Funeral. The additional spouse will be seen as an extended family member.
  11. Cover under the scheme is provided for on a month to month basis. No reserves are built up under the scheme therefore, premiums are payable lifelong and there are no surrender values when cover ceases.
  12. Unmarried children under the age of 21 are covered. Children aged 22 or older will be covered up to age 26 if they are studying full-time at a recognized school or tertiary institution. This is subject to the provision of satisfactory evidence (annually) of full time study at a recognized school or tertiary institution. Physically or mentally disabled children are covered for life.
  13. No exclusions for HIV or related illness.
  14. Cooling-off period . The principal insured may cancel the policy within 31 calendar days from receipt of the summary of the policy, provided that no benefit has been claimed or an event  insured against has not yet occurred. All premiums paid to date will be refunded subject to cost of any risk cover enjoyed.
  15. Grace period and lapsing. The grace period for premium payments is 15 days commencing from the date the premium is due. Kindly note that the policy will lapse after 2 consecutive outstanding premiums, in terms of PPR Rule 15A.

Waiting Period

  1. 6 months waiting period for natural death.
  1. Suicide is 12 calendar months from Entry Date or Reinstatement Date where applicable
  1. Immediate cover for accidental death after receipt of the 1st premium.
  2. When taking up a higher benefit a 6 month waiting period will apply to the increased amount not the current benefit cover enjoyed.
  3. A 6 months waiting period applies to all new entrance from the date we receive first month premium due to natural causes.



  1. No claims to be paid if the premiums are in arrears or outstanding.
  2. Premiums must be paid on or before the 1st of each month through Pay At (Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer, Russells, Woolworths, PEP, Ackermans, Bradlows) or debit order.
  3. Premiums under the scheme are not guaranteed and can be adjusted by the insurer at any time. No reserves are built up under the scheme therefore premiums are payable life long and there are no surrender values when the cover cease.
  4. Should payments be missed and resumed the waiting period will again apply from the date of premium is resumed and received. When taking over existing affiliation schemes Asante Funeral will require the proof of membership for the waiting period to be waived, if not available then the full waiting period will apply.


  1. Grocery and airtime allowance can only be paid if the client opts for service option.
  2. Claims will only be paid to the beneficiary as indicated on the application form.
  3. Only claims submitted within 6 calendar months of the date of death will be considered for payment.
  4. No claim will be honored if the premiums are in arrears or short paid

Termination of policy

  1. If the client misses two premium payments the policy lapses and if reinstated a new 6 months waiting period starts.
  2. Should the spouse elect to take over the policy of an existing principal member due to the principal member had died, this must be done within 30 days of the death and application/nominations form and monthly membership schedule must be updated accordingly.
  3. Once the principal member’s cover ceases, the funeral benefit for spouses, children and extended family members ceases.
  4. If the principal member ceases to be a member of the funeral scheme (dies, withdraws or retires) cover will cease immediately for the principal member and all their dependants.


  1. Active participation in war, riot and civil commotion or terrorism.
  2. All claims related to atomic, biological and chemical warfare or terrorism.
  3. Suicide will be excluded for the first 24 month
  4. For extended family members, the commission of a crime, suicide, or self-inflicted injury and deliberate exposure to exceptional danger will not be covered during the first year of membership from the date of receipt of the first month’s premium.

Asante Funeral is juristic representative of GNC financial services. GNC Financial Services CC (“GNC”) (1995/052918/23) – FSP No. 43016  Underwritten by African Unity Ltd. (“AUL”) (2003/016142/06), a licenced life insurer and an Authorised Financial Services Provider – FSP 8447.

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